We are committed to providing top quality prenatal care that is tailored to the individual needs and wishes of our patients. Patient-centered care is at the core of our philosophy. Our team has the expertise and compassion to care for routine and high risk prenatal patients. Our clinicians are also trained and skilled in lactation and post-partum care.

Here at MWH all of our patients, regardless of age or risk factors, are offered cell-free fetal DNA testing during their initial prenatal visit (around 10 weeks). Cell-free DNA is the most advanced way to detect early fetal abnormalities through genetic material that is released by the placenta and into the maternal blood circulation. The results are very accurate, the test is non-invasive (blood draw for mom), and if you choose, you can also learn the sex of the baby by the end of the first trimester! Most insurances will cover the full cost of our genetic tests, with little to no out-of-pocket costs for you.

We are affiliated with Winchester Hospital, a state of the art, Level 2, baby friendly maternity center. Where you deliver is equally as important as where you do your prenatal care. Winchester Hospital abides by a baby friendly protocol in which all mothers and babies room in together and are encouraged to do skin to skin for bonding and lactation initiation. On the labor and delivery floor you will find a hot tub and showers available for use during contractions, which can be very helpful for pain relief. You and your family can also tour the hospital and meet the staff prior to birth. Tours are every Tuesday at 6pm and 7pm, except for the 5th Tuesday of every month. Reservations are required and can be made at 781-756-2223.