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The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has emphasized preventive genetic testing for patients who have a familial history of breast cancer as a routine standard of ob-gyn care. The benefits of predictive and preventative genetic testing are now well established.

According to the most recent estimates, approximately 65% of women who inherit a harmful BRCA1 mutation, and around 45% of women who inherit a harmful BRCA2 mutation, will develop breast cancer by age 70, while the lifetime population risk the general female population in the US to develop breast is 13.2%. About 1.3% of women in the general population will develop ovarian cancer sometime during their lives. By contrast, 39% of women who inherit a harmful BRCA1 mutation and 17% of women who inherit a harmful BRCA2 mutation will develop ovarian cancer by age 70.

Current guidelines recommend genetic testing for women who have a 20-25% lifetime risk of breast or ovarian cancer calculated by family history, age of menarche, age of first childbirth, menopausal status, and use of hormone replacement therapy. At this level of lifetime risk, most health insurances will cover the cost of genetic testing as it is considered necessary for medical management.

Part of your annual GYN visit at Mystick Women’s health will include a review of your family’s medical history. If you have first degree relatives with breast, ovarian, colon or pancreatic cancer, or several cancers on one side of your family, you may be eligible for genetic screening. This screening helps us manage your mammogram, colonoscopies, and future screening schedules.

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